February 11, 2006

OHMYGOD...everyone should check out tonight's NHL Highlights and see what HUET did for the Habs with 3 seconds left in overtime!!! seriously. they brought out the pixie dust for this one.

the game ended with Atlanta winning 2-1 (check out Kovalchuk's comment on the Huet save:) and a cool one from Lehtonen towards the end), with Kozlov scoring in the shootouts.

btw, i was happy to hear we'd signed Koivu to a 3-year contract. despite his recent lack of offensvie production (he has been down with the flu lately), he is well worth the money, plus, above all else, his leadership is priceless in Montreal. no one could argue with that. he's our captain, and i, for one, am ecstatic he'll be on for at least the next three years. congrats to Saku.

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