February 27, 2006

only one day left!!! i can't believe it's finally here!
i'm not expecting to be blown away but it's the first time in a few years since i've wanted to buy a PS2 game. and it has the cast, producers and some of the writers working on it. it will at least be really good. and maybe it's just me but since the announcement of the game last year, i've noticed that this season has had a Splinter Cell-like vibe to it (might have something to do with Dennis Haysbert doing voiceover for a Splinter Cell game i played last year, giving us clues and routes). and i think Future Shop dropped the price from a couple of weeks ago by $10. now i know where the ex-roommate's gift certificate will go :) i've been holding on to it since xmas because there wasn't anything special i wanted to buy.

fuck: here are some initial reviews for it (and they're looking pretty damn good...! :)
scratch that. the linked sites actually have no review for the game yet. hopefully the stars they awarded are for real, though.

here's the Metacritic page. right now there are only two reviews but more should pop up once the game is out.

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