February 04, 2006

well, it's the weekend. and what that usually means is two things. one, i go out of the city and spend the afternoon with the ex-roommate and our cat. two, a Habs game is one saturday night. but this weekend it's different (no, not the Superbowl. i actually don't care about that). the ex-roommate is spending the day with a friend *and* the Habs are playing today at noon :P so even if the roommate's here, i'll still be able to watch the game. the Canadiens are also playing tomorrow at 3 pm! what a weekend :) btw, two great pieces of news this morning -- Huet seems to be going in goal -awesome- and Markov is back, baby! :) so i'm gonna take this one easy and enjoy the game this afternoon. i hope you have a great day too.

2:43 PM

Habswin 2-0 over Boston!!! what a refreshing turn of events. and Huet was incredible. Montreal played well for the first 5 minutes of the game but then somehow slept through the rest of the game... until the 5-minute mark of the third period, where they suddenly woke up and started overpowering the Bruins' zone. they shot at Botson goaltender Thomas (who was spectacular through the whole fucking game) for what felt like 10 minutes until Markov finally slipped one in. Souray then scored in an empty net with about a minute as the Bruins were buzzing around the Canadiens' zone. a brilliant turn of events, indeed :) let's hope they give us more of this kind of play (the good one - not the boring first 45 minutes of the game) tomorrow afternoon against Philly.

ps. you better watch tonight's SNL. Steve Martin is hosting. (that's more than enough reason for everyone to tune in tonight, but Prince will also fill out the musical side of the show.)

6:32 PM

Melissa Auf der Maur mentions Billy and Jimmy are working on songs for the next great Pumpkins record. hopefully they'll also bring her back in the band.

Sunday Morning - 9:04 AM

how anyone can fuck up so much and be so fucking inept at comedy, something you've been hired for and paid to do, that even the great Steve Martin can't come and save your ass is beyond me. i felt bad the man went on national television and ended up having to host that shockingly trite shit for a complete hour-and-a-half (on the other hand, Prince rocked! but he didn't have no lame sketches to work through). i thought you'd bring your game up, this being Steve Martin and all. but no. maybe it was the presence of the real deal, but the writing felt even more painfully anemic than usual (the opening monologue and the SNL Digital Shorts were good, though; but, Lorne, tell me something - what does Digital have to do with it? wanna sound hipper than what it actually is? it's a sketch, for christ's sake). the show was a sorry display of incompetence and a cruel way to welcome back a legend. embarrassingly amateurish. the contrast to the good old days of the show was made more than obvious tonight. SNL, you are officially dead to me.

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