February 18, 2006

well, it's the weekend. yay. what did you do today? me, i slutted around deviantART looking at really cool pictures and artwork (link to my page down on the right; no pics, just my favorites) and trying to find more wallpapers. that's pretty much it. lol. talked to the ex-roommate. we decided either of us wanted to make the drive to the other's apartment today. it's fucking COLD!! seriously so (which is also part of the next item). i'm gonna assume the roommate and his gf are staying at her place tonight and try to cook myself a meal and start a movie before it's 10PM. i can be really bad about stretching the laziness under these conditions :)

there you go. José Théodore is out for 6 to 8 weeks after falling outside of his home this morning. i believe this is the point where all the naysayers feel bad for the guy. can't catch a break this season and now this. i believe it gives him more time to get back into game mode and a fresh start once he comes back, and it gives us more Huet for about a month once the Olympic break is over :) everyone wins. come back healthy, José.

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