March 07, 2006

24, Day 5
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

uh...C. Thomas Howell, folks :P and i didn't even recognize him until a good 20 minutes after he was introduced. lol.

wow. it didn't started off too stellar for the group at CTU (compared to the previous, brilliant episode) but things quickly unraveled towards the second hour. brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. that's all i have to say. can't wait to see the next hour (hopefully they'll need at least an hour to decontaminate CTU). and they keep bringing in known actors out of left field for this season. and i'm ecstatic each and every time. they started opening up the world of 24 with Season Three (but that was kind of a mess) but now they sure know what they're doing by bringing in solid performers (Twin Peaks' Ray Wise!!!) who can handle their own storylines without annoying the fans and actually engaging them in their own non-Jack adventures. bravo. hopefully they keep going at it with this newfound energy. btw, we're at the half-season mark already :)

holy...SHIT!! reading others' recaps made me realize i totally forgot two of the most important moments of these episodes. one of the most jaw-dropping moment EVER -- Jack shooting Myriam in THE FUCKING LEG ("above the knee, so she can walk!") about Edgar!!! that was one of the most heartbreaking moments EVER. and you can't argue with me on this. the end.

and lamest moment of what should be an intense moment? Curtis & Co running with the nerve gas bomb through the hospital ... like frat boys playing hallway football! but they got it back with the containment case and ensuing cool opening of the bomb and release of the gas. i wanna see more of that.

i'm also glad Chloe pointed out to Kim that everyone who knew about her father being alive was now dead. yay for that.

come to think of it, those were a pretty bad-ass couple of hours.
i told you last week they were packing more stuff into these episodes than ever. and they're not losing us in the process. they're good :)

Shirley Manson has started work on an upcoming solo project! :)
finally. just a few months ago she was talking about the guys' different projects they'd be working on during the band's hiatus. she mentioned maybe doing a solo album but she had no idea how she'd go about it or who she'd be working with. today we have the first real look at this project :)

HA! Gregory Itzin and Dennis Haysbert - golf buddies :P
seriously, i've been saying it since the start of Day 5, i truly love how that man's performing this season.

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