March 22, 2006

and the Habs ... lost? 3-1 against the New York Islanders. at least we got 2 out of 4 points during this short trip. now it's back to Montreal for two games against Toronto in the span of 3 days (weird scheduling. usually, it's back-to-back games in each city when that happens. but now the Leafs will stay in Montreal for 3 days).

the UK dates have just gone on-sale, and no North American date has been confirmed yet. but. Radiohead are in negotiations to bring their rock act to Montreal this June -- for TWO Shows! :D dates coming soon. (indoor shows and no Bell Centre. the Metropolis? it would be an awesome show. those tickets are gonna burn up in seconds.)

just wanna props to Unan1mous, a new reality show that started airing on Fox tonight. the only reviews i could get my hands on this week were atrocious, to say the least. but after having watched the first episode, i gotta say, they've managed not to shit all over the outstanding premise of the show. don't know what the reviews are about, and i doubt any of them saw more than the first episode. 9 people are locked in an 'underground bunker' and can't leave until they agree to award the $1.5 million prize to one person. right now, i'd say the show was kinda riveting. and it could have been edited by the team who brought us the Saw films. it's creepy enough and the premise is cool and mindbending as hell. i'll be watching next week.

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