March 26, 2006

DO NOT FORGET! -- the time is finally here. tonight is Ricky Gervais' Simpsons episode. Watch It.
and i believe they also added a special, net-favorite intro to tonight's episode. not because of Ricky, just because they can. which just makes this THE episode to beat.

ps. in case it gets lost in the shuffle:
scroll down two posts for one of the most talented players in the NHL today, Alex Kovalev, and his unrivaled awesomeness.

the Habs barely get away with a 6-5 win. this was the Pens' game. Montreal was exhausted, mostly making mistakes left and right after the first period.
new rule: never dress Sheldon Souray if he played the night before. the man can barely keep up as it is (thank god he can have a decent shot) but put him in two games in a row and he's a fucking hazard out there. and Zednik? i liked him a lot but that Boston hit a few years ago messed with his brain and now he's reduced to trying to push the puck up the boards and lose it as an opponent grinds him to a halt (each and every time). it's almost sad now. useless. i still say new goalie David Aebischer is having a bum deal out there. 3 games and 15 goals in. but the team playing for him, like tonight, is a fucking mess. but maybe they do play better for Huet because they trust him more. but give him time, people. shit.
[ Habs rant is over :) ]

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