March 11, 2006

hey, hi. i've rarely been the most personal blogger out there but i've really neglected the blog this past week, haven't i? well, where am i at? feeling a mix of shitty, alright, spectacular, and tired all in the same day/week. that's today. this past week has been quite good, confidence-wise. but right now i'm in the midst of looking (rather passively) for a new apartment for July. one for myself and myself only, thankyouverymuch (unless you,re a girl who wants to share an apartment, that'd be cool with me:) but looking for an apartment is a gruelling task i never look forward to (and add to that that i haven't had to for the last four years). but i gots to. i enlisted the ex-roommate to help out and play a support role. today we looked around the neighborhood (i like it here) but didn't strike gold. of course it would be foolish to expect to find a great apartment in an hour or two; but it would have been nice ;) so i'm just feeling generally shitty, and also feeling some pressure. after the apartment is found, i want to move on to getting a new car (a brand new VW Golf? i got a 95 one now. although it's been surprisingly efficient for the four years i've had it, i can't even start dreaming what owning (ie. leasing) a new one would be like. any thoughts on these new ones? i haven't started on that yet; want to get the apartment situation dealt with first), which will mean selling this one as it's gonna start costing me major bucks in the next couple of years (i was looking to getting rid of it in the next year anyway). once those two things are taken care of, i'll feel more relaxed about things :) and while i'm at it - why oh why can't i settle down with a cool girl and be done with that too :) that'd be nice.

that's it. just semi-venting.

btw, the Habs won their first post-Olympic home game tonight, a game that followed an emotional farewell to former Habs (and Rangers) legend Boom Boom Geoffrion (i couldn't help but tear up when they showed his grandkids breaking down on center ice. i know what it's like and i feel for the family each and every time). 1-0 against the red hot New York Rangers. and another shutout by Huet :) with this win they also move into 7th place, one point ahead of Tampa with a game in hand. the Has and the Lightning will battle it out monday night.

ps. Will Ferrell was at the game ???! (scroll down.) wow. apparently they showed him holding up a no. 5 sign (Bernie's retired number). well, there you go. someone spotted him in Montreal four days ago.

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