March 02, 2006

i just watched the Amazing Race season premiere. nice going. already got my favorites. during the show they ran an ad for Shawn Ryan and David Mamet's The Unit, starring Dennis Haysbert. it's premiering next tuesday. i'm definitely gonna check it out. it would be cool to follow a brand new, character-driven show that, not only does not suck, but also involves you (which reminds me; i need to get on that 24 PS2 game soon. i'm just scared i'll want to spend the rest of the day on it, though. lol. might wait for the weekend :) 24 SPOILER WARNING in this short-but-excellent Dennis Haysbert interview. btw, next week's 24 is a two-hour strech.

oh, btw... hockey's back ;) and the Habs won 5-3 against the New York Islanders tuesday night. they're playing Florida tonight; their 2nd of a six-game road trip. it feels great to have (NHL) hockey back in our lives :)
and we're playing street hockey on the pond at work during our break when the weather permits :) it feels awesome to play some kind of regular hockey and it gets the blood pumping :) i love it.

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