March 25, 2006

okay. so the Habs just won the second of the short two-game Leafs/Habs series, 6-2!
but--what i'm gonna try to find for you tomorrow, is Kovalev's sweet play with two minutes left in the game. you've gotta see it to believe it. lol. it was awesome.
and now we're in a playoff spot again, one point over Atlanta, and we still have tomorrow night's game against Pittsburgh to play.

ps. lol! check out Gainey's response to Kovalev's action!!

shit, TSN only has the last part, not Kovie's full play, which is the sweet part of the whole thing.

OMG we got it!! thanks to Dalhabs for this: KOVALEV's sweet-ass play :)
make sure you listen to the commentary when the video starts and keep in mind that Kovie knows exactly what he's doing all along :) i'm so happy to be a Habs fan and have him on our team. i love these guys when they play with as much heart as they just did for the last two games against Toronto.

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