March 09, 2006


i cannot believe this. on the eve of the trade deadline. we knew Gainey was gonna do something, what with calling back the team to Montreal in between away games, but this is astounding. mostly because a few weeks ago Gainey had let it be known, or rather, alluded to, that Théo's job was safe. there you go. the Colorado Avalanche get Théo (with maybe a very hush-hush hidden injury) and we get their #1 goalie in David Aebischer. you gotta love Gainey for coming up with the most secret (and biggest!) of trades while dealing in a hockey city like Montreal. i don't know much about Aebischer (i heard the name a lot over the years) but i'm willing to bet he's more than worth it - and there's supposed to be something else for later on today. this is exciting hockey :)
we knew Gainey'd come through. he's never let us down once since he got here.

Aebischer said it, "Montreal is special because it's the Mecca of hockey."

1:52 PM

info's quickly coming out about the Shirley/David Arnold writing sessions. and from people who should know :)

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