March 06, 2006

you over that Crash win last night? ;)
i must admit that was an amazing surprise. don't get me wrong, i was all for Brokeback winning the thing, but it's all good since all of the films nominated last night (except for Giamatti the boring Cinderella Man) were honest pieces of filmmaking. it was an amazing year of the Oscar noms. btw, i'm not sure if i was more shocked than the Crash win, but there was happiness mixed in with it when Three 6 Mafia won for It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp! (and getting actress Taraji P. Henson to sing her chorus was a great touch. i loved her voice in the film and seeing her again made me realize how she could have gotten an Oscar nod this year.) and anyone see Jon Stewart exiting the stage as he wished us all goodnight, then hesitate and stop as he reached the edge of the stage? Jake Gyllenhaal rushed up the steps to thank him or say something nice to Jon :) that was cute, i thought.

as soon as they did another short, right after the hilarious Narnia video, i was afraid SNL would run the idea into the ground. well, they've got a third one already but it's an amazing one - Natalie Portman (seems NBC is tracking down their Digital Shorts again. assholes. don't they get it? go to their page if you wanna get it [ i'm not linking to them ]). here's hoping Adam and Chris don't run out of juice.
(btw, why can SNL rap about Bitches but Taraji P. Henson has to clean it up to Witches for the Oscars? and if it's about having presentable Oscars then why did the Academy nominate a song with Bitches in the chorus? wasn't the song good enough in the first place? just a tiny rant.)

i missed the Oscars' intro last night. here's the impressive opening (i guess they were banking on a Brokeback/Clooney sweep, uh?).

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