April 30, 2006

2006 NHL Playoffs

Montreal 1 Carolina 2
Game 5 of 7 - Eastern Conference Quarterfinals / Carolina leads series 3-2

we have to remind ourselves that it's a Best of 3 series. looks better and less daunting than them leading 3-2 and only needing one win. i'll go back to what i was saying at the start of the Playoffs - i'm just happy the Habs made it. if they win the First Round, great; if not, they made the playoffs with a horrible two month stretch thanks to José Théodore. this team is on the verge of breaking out into a monster team. and next season should be awesome. i, for one, cannot wait for it to start already :)
as for tuesday -- good luck, guys. hopefully they get out of the slump they've stumbled in, thanks to some lazy playing, but, and i haven't heard much about this, thanks to the Hurricanes having really studied the Habs' playbook and shutting them down spectacularly well. (and let's remember, the Canes were -hands down- the favorites in this series. they are the better team. the first two Montreal wins were just a wake up call that we could kick their ass. it took them 120 minutes but they rectified the situation (for now).)
Go Habs Go.

OH! Gary Bettman's NHL -- FUCK YOU.
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holy fucking shit. and Montreal's at the Place des arts, June 10th, 11th. the weekend i'm moving. and the ex-roommate's birthday :D we were just talking about it saturday, and she said it would depend when it would be 'cause she's working during the week. ohmygod. Toronto tickets are going on-sale saturday, apparently. i'll expect the same for Montreal. shit. Waste is offline. hopefully they get back up soon enough (but not soon enough that people crash the site to register for tickets:) hopefully i can get tickets that way again).
once again - OMFG.

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