April 22, 2006

2006 NHL Playoffs

Montreal 6 Carolina 1
Game 1 of 7 / Eastern Conference Quarterfinal / montreal leads series 1-0

this is the time of the year, folks. this is HOCKEY! and we love it :D
especially when our team takes the first game away from a huge, dominating team like Carolina. i was just honestly happy for them to have made the playoffs. let them play a little and then look forward to next year. that was it. but if they wanted a chance to upset the mighty Hurricanes (like a few analysts have surprisingly called for), they would have to take the first game from Carolina. well, check this game out!! i couldn't believe it. of course Gerber was a bit weak on a few goals, but still, only 1 goal for the Canes? that's gotta suck. after a shaky start, Huet comes back to his old self and calms everything down. everytime he makes a stop i swear he looks like the calmest fucking cat. i love him. and Kovalev comes out to play (he's been good but resting the last week of the season) with two of the sharpest goals in recent memory? priceless, Kovy, priceless. i guess he really is the playoff monster everyone's (including himself) built him up to be :) that was a HUGE win tonight, folks. not only taking a game in Carolina but also the FIRST game of the series. i hope this messes with the Canes' young heads long enough to make them a bit nervous monday night. of course there'll be people who'll just go nuts with tonight's results, but let's not get carried. i'm hoping Montreal wins its two home games. if they can do that, i'll be a very happy man. everything that may come after that will only be gravy.

this was a very surprising, and unexpected, result, to say the least:) we got a huge one tonight.

as a side note: i managed to find a handful of interesting hockey blogs - here are the ones i'll be following for the first round:

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Sisu Hockey (Montreal)
Sweet Tea, Barbecue, and Bodychecks. (Carolina Hurricanes)
Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic
james mirtle
Hockey Country (Ottawa Senators)
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11:20 AM

ah, that's super sweet. getting an unexpected call from the ex-ex just now brightened my day up! she lives in Quebec City, she moved there a couple of years ago, and have kept contact with each other but things had been quiet for most of the winter. then out of blue the phone rings and it's her sweet voice on the line :) happy to hear she's doing well and is moving along quite nicely into making her dreams a reality. this was a good phone call :)

9:53 PM

Marc Ecko tags Air Force One!

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