April 25, 2006

2006 NHL Playoffs

Montreal 6 Carolina 5 2OT
Game 2 of 7 - Eastern Conference Quarterfinal / montreal leads series 2-0

wow. what a frustrating experience this was for me. see, i work evenings during the week so the only game i can catch live are the weekend games. then i try to catch the week games on with RDS's Canadiens Express. but RDS has apparently left the program in the dust just as the playoffs are rolling in!!! i found an alternative that i'm gonna like - i'm gonna ask the roommate if i can tape the CBC games on his old dusty vcr, thus leaving the Bell ExpressVu in the living room free for them to use each weeknight. reception is surprisingly good enough with the antenna and i'm getting the CBC feed. everyone wins :)

on to the game -- WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the Habs blow out a 3-0 lead after one period??? that was unnerving hockey. unable to catch the game on tv, i followed it up on the Habsworld boards instead :) a great alternative. at least i got to experience it. what a tense game this was. thank god for Kovalev, and Ryder in the second overtime. wow. the Habs actually steal the two games in Carolina and are coming back home for two games. i'm expecting them to lose at least one of those two. i ain't gonna celebrate as there is a LOT of hockey left to play. a lot. but this nonetheless a great position to be in right now. now, if they could only learn to play 60 minutes of hockey per game, i'll be all set :)

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