April 02, 2006

the ex and i were invited for a nice meal at my old work partner's place yesterday. they had their first child back in January and wanted to thank us for visiting them while they were in the hospital. the food was great, wine flowed, (the cats were awesome) and we were taken by surprise once midnight chimed in :) i was gonna miss the Habs-Bruins game, so i taped it ;) and watched it as soon as i got back home. i've rarely done that but it's way better than checking out the newscasts for 3 minutes!

the Habs got another win last night (2-0), their sixth straight, this time against the Boston Bruins.
Huet, who's shutout last night was his 3rd straight against the Bruins, and his 7th of the season, now moves into the top spot for league goalies in almost every category (with only 32 games played!). but with Aebischer's shaky start for the Canadiens and Huet's awesome playing this season, i'm afraid he'll be burned out once the playoffs come around. but hopefully this is his regular playing mode and he'll be fine. Montreal also moves into a sixth place tie with New Jersey, edging out Tampa Bay by two points. we can't expect this winning streak to last until the end of the season (in three weeks), though. disappointment should come in a couple of games. oh, Garth Murray, of all people, scored the only two goals needed to win :P great effort and i loved seeing his reactions when he scored :) like a kid surprised it's christmas already. btw, with last night's win, Montreal eliminated the Bruins from this year's playoffs.

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