April 01, 2006

Happy April Fools, everyone!
i tried coming up with tricks to play on people all week long but coudln't come up with any clever ones so i'm keeping quiet this year. don't trust anything the internet tells you today! nothing.

well, after an incredibly frustrating week trying to find a new apartment, i may have luckily stumbled upon a nice one today. the ex-roommate and i have been looking, quite unsuccessfully, for weeks now. this morning we made a few phone calls, left more than my share of messages, and visited two apartments rented out by two sisters. they're not in the neighborhood i've been looking at (where i'm living right now) but--it is where i grew up. only a 10-minute drive from here. so it's not too bad. it's in a big building but once you enter the apartment it's quite nice and comfortable. i was actually impressed. and--it's quite inexpensive! i gave my name to one of the sisters and she'll give those to her super (she's the one who'll decide). we'll see how it goes. i'm not expecting a comprehensive screening process. my guess is she doesn't want bums. hopefully i'm the first one. cross your fingers for me. it,s a really sweet apartment and i'm getting it really cheap. that would mean more money to buy/rent a new car i'm looking to get in the coming months (i so wanna get rid of mine :) have a great day!

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