April 22, 2006

i'm a Kevin Smith fan. i love the man and his stories and Chasing Amy is one of my top three personal favorite films of all-time. i think my first film of his was Mallrats, then the rest followed (although i've yet to get the courage up to watch Jersey Girl; which i have a feeling is not as awful as people say it is). Cupie Spew shares a post about Jay's heroin addiction. over the course of several posts, Kevin chronicles his man's addiction. it's an eye-opening story, even for a Smith fan like me who's heard a hundred stories on the subject. if you've got some time on your hand, do yourself a favour and read his posts. there are well-worth the read.

oh...and the Pumpkins are on Warner Bros Records(?).
oh, yeah... they're back ;)

uh ...lol.

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