April 16, 2006

Buffalo 4 Montreal 2
MTL Game #81 of 82, 42-30-9

Montreal, who's in seventh position, only needs a tie to keep its place in the playoffs. Atlanta is in ninth (the first eight teams enter the post-season) but could catch up to Montreal if it wins its last two games. Montreal has one game to go - tuesday against the Devils. last night's game was alright for the Habs - and applying an extraordinary amount of pressure on the Sabres during the second period. but a couple of mistakes in their own end cost them the game. Aebischer kept the team in the game, even coolly stopping a JP Dumont penalty shot. i like how calm and collected he's gotten over the past week. too bad we couldn't secure our spot in the playoffs right away but we're also not the ones who have to fight to get into them either. that's Atlanta's job. they're the ones who've got the tough job right now, and although i would still like for us to get that point ourselves, i wouldn't wanna be in the Trashers' shoes.

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