April 14, 2006

Montreal 4 Boston 3
MTL Game #80 of 82, 42-29-9

now Montreal only needs one point or for Atlanta to either tie or lose a game for clinch a playoff spot. that's crazy considering we've only got two games left! :)

Kiefer talks about the 24 Movie !!! i'm not gung-ho about a movie. it's a good move, and a movie theater experience like none before (multply my 24 viewing experience with one friend by 30 hundred!), but here's the kicker i've been hoping the tv show would go into:
"The 24 hour movie would be a two hour representation of a 24 hour day."
i realized this last week - the 24 gimmick is futile at this point. when was the last time you were stressed out by the time remaining on the 24 clock? never. the only ticking that gets to me are the timers on the bombs. aside from that, 24 doesn't need that clock anymore. every fan knows the characters and the stories are the draw. here's hoping making the movie eases their minds and marks a transition for the series:
"The sky’s the limit for them as we wouldn’t be restricted by the time element."
Brad Pitt is the coolest dad EVER. Taxi Driver-style.

oh, and i got this extraordinary news yesterday -- this summer we'll get a Big Brother: All-Stars edition! and... we're the one who'll pick the contestants out of a pool of available players :D i'm psyched.

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