April 11, 2006

Ottawa 2 Montreal 3
MTL Game #78 of 82, 41-28-9

i'm starting these again. there are only four games remaining in the regular season and Montreal are somehow managing to win games. nine of their last ten, to be exact. i'm catching them through RDS's Canadiens Express feature. they edit the game for a sixty-minute slot. it's not ideal since they have to cut a few minutes out for every game and you don't get much replays, but it's better than not seeing the game at all. i actually can't wait till next season when i'll be able to tape games live (right now the roommate and his gf are sometimes here and we can't watch one channel and tape another with the satellite dish). and i'll also probably have TSN and Sportsnet :) ah... :) i'd only been watching games saturday nights this season, but i realized, i think it was last week, that i could catch the edited versions the next morning on RDS. i've been doing that for every game since :) last night's game was weird for the Habs during the first period, lots of strange reffing, but then they came back fighting for the 2nd and 3rd. and Aebischer was in fine form :) it's good to hear the home fans finally cheer for him.

in other news:
great news for Kiefer :) (the money, not the extension to 24's run. was anyone seriously scared for its future?)

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