April 28, 2006

okay. so everyone knows about Koivu's eye injury during wednesday's game.

anyway, Gainey needs to get some new blood in the lineup to replace Koivu (if Bégin doesn't come in; hopefully he's back soon) for tonight's important Game 4. a tough decision because 1. you're bringing someone fresh into the playoffs, and 2. you're gonna mess with your established chemistry. what if something doesn't hold? you lose a Playoff Game because of this decision? as i said, it's a really hard choice to have to make. but we trust Bob. absolutely 100%. well, here's a solution i like from the forums ... and which is also looking to be Bob's decision !! please please please, let it be true :) i'm so gonna tape that game and isolate myself from any living human beings at work tonight so i can watch it fresh when i get home :)
have i mentioned i love playoff hockey?

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