April 08, 2006

saturday looks good to me :)
for the first time in about 6 weeks, i am not looking for an apartment this weekend. that's a huge load off my back. actually, aside from maybe swinging by the ex-roommate's place for a couple of hours later this afternoon, i've got the whole weekend to myself! and the roommate, who's not working at all this weekend, is actually off to work on something for most of today and tomorrow :) i feel relieved.

yes, i have found an apartment (sort of). it's a compromise but a really small one compared to all the good it will bring me. long story short - an apartment on my own is expensive. i could handle it but--i plan on buying a place of my own in the near future so i need money, and, i also want to get a new car this year. it's kind of an expensive year i've got ahead. also, we could not find a place to rent. it's amazing how little there was to rent this year. so, after learning that the cheap place i was looking at had been rented without anyone informing me, i thought of the alternative my mom had given me a month ago. a few years back my mom and her bf got a house built for themselves, for their retirement years. it's in the countryside, close to a lake. it's peaceful but still relatively close to the city (10-15 minutes). and it has a pool :) i spent as much time there everytime they went on vacation :) her option was to live there. not as much with them--they recently finished the basement with wooden floors, a huge living room, a fireplace, a bedroom, and a cool bathroom. and that's where i would be living for the next year, until i got enough money on hand to get a place of my own. i resisted at first, not liking the idea of living with my mom. but then folks at work told me i would still have my own place, my privacy. and as she's getting older, i'd also been thinking about getting closer to my mom last winter. this would be the ideal way to bringing that relationship closer. so. there. that's compromise but the advantages fully outweigh it, imo. what do you think about this? [ i'd also upgrade their cable package with a few channels -- including, and you'll love this, Mary, TSN, RDS, and Sportsnet :) if i'd gone on my own, i wouldn't have gotten cable, thus missing all my precious hockey games that the CBC is not showing :D i'll also hook the house up with Videotron High Speed Internet. there was no way i was going back to dial-up, so i was getting it anyway, and my mom wanted to check it out but it's a bit expensive for her needs. although i had/have a few reservations about this, i do believe i'll be satisfied with the arrangements. ]

looking forward to watching the Habs game tonight against New Jersey :) a friend from work will be at the game.

Sunday, 9:47 AM

the Habs lost last night, 3-2 against New Jersey. it was a half-assed affair on our guys' part, and the Devils were playing extremely smart hockey. plus, they have Brodeur in goal, so nothing goes in. i was incredibly shocked to see Montreal score two goals in the last couple of minutes of the game, though, stealing Brodeur's shutout from under him. those two goals gave us hope after such an ineffectual game. a few players showed up but as a whole, the team just wasn't there. it happens sometimes. and one has to expect it after an 8-game winning streak. there are just nine days left to the regular season. we're gonna win some and lose some. great last minute effort.

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