April 29, 2006


2006 NHL Playoffs
MTL-CAR: series tied 2-2

Gainey, just dress Kostitsyn. we need offense and excitement. for a moment in the third period we had it. our players were flying around and the puck kept sticking. that's what we need for an entire game. hopefully the next one.

Saku released from hospital! his injury, which is swelling down, looked worse than it actually is. great news. although they don't have a definite timeline right now, the injury looks to only be a cut near the eye, which means he could potentially be back before the series is over. !cross your fingers! that would be an awesome boost for the team.

5:55 PM

it's been confirmed - Bégin will be back for sunday's game!!! this is huge, folks! the best news outside of Koivu coming back. dead serious. Bégin is the fucking spark this team needs. without putting up huge numbers, he's the one player who was energizing this team during the regular season. he'd been sidelined for the last eight games (four regular, four playoffs) because of a torn knee ligament. this is awesome :)

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