April 20, 2006

well, i am back :)
it feels as though i haven't in a while but checking back i wrote something two days ago. oh well. since then the Habs lost their last game of the season to New Jersey (but they did play a very impressive game, even overpowering NJ for the entire 2nd period; so the loss wasn't that bad) and they learned who they'd play in the first round of the Playoffs -- the Carolina Hurricanes. not the team we wanted them to go against first (that was the Hasek-less Sens) but we'll take them. Montreal lost all four of their games against Carolina in the regular season but if you dig a little bit deeper there is a lot to have faith in. those games were months ago, we were a very different team back then, *and* Theo was in net for most of those games!! plus, Huet, if he subbed for Theo, wasn't HUET back then. haha. some people have called out Montreal for a possible upset :) this might not necessarily be a bad round for us, then :)

oh, the reason i haven't written much over the past few days -- i'd sidelined my car to the curb friday. yep. the car decide to leak some oil *and* have my front brake pads be used up. add to that that i couldn't find a mechanic who could take me (Easter weekend plus people having their winter tires changed) and it resulted in having my mechanic taking my car in an entire and trying to fit it in between appoinments yesterday. my mom's bf gave me a ride to work tuesday night and i went back to their house to sleep and wait for the phone call all day wednesday. i also had a huge fucking migraine thanks to the stress and lack of sleep. needless to say i called in sick yesterday :) got my car at 4:30PM. it cost me a bunch ($470) but he fixed EVERYTHING on my car. amazing. i am so relieved. lifted this huge amount of pressure off my back.

have a great day :)

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