April 04, 2006

well, this morning i did something i used to do every other week but hadn't done in ages -- go out to the record store on release day :) i've been pretty good about holding off on buying albums this year. it's been a conscious decision and one i've been proud of holding on to. but today, April 4 2006, marked the first big day of great music releases of the year. i went out to get five albums, managed to find all of them (including the lone mislabeled copy of Mogwai's album i'd seen this weekend--a $3 markdown (when it gets above $20, it starts to count:), and came back with an extra album :)

have a good day :)

Tuesday, 12:43 AM

ps. did i seriously pass up Bubba Sparxxx's The Charm this morning ??? FUCK. i wasn't even aware his album was dropping. daymn. okay, just one Timbaland track, but a hell of a lot of Organized Noize. plus, i really like Bubba as a rapper. a trip back to Future Shop will be in order later this week.

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