June 08, 2006

hello all.
i've been rather busy this week. i am moving out of my apartment this saturday. i took today and tomorrow off work to finish up my boxes and bring as much stuff to my mom's house as i can before saturday's big move. aside from that i had to fight the roommate's girlfriend off during the last week because she was starting to bring her boxes in already. i'm moving saturday, she's moving in next saturday. a week during which she'll be on fucking vacation and the apartment will be almost empty! i was pissed. i left her a note about it two weeks ago. she said she'd brought two boxes in because she had no place to store them. good. then, just this weekend, she brought a few more boxes in. wtf?? then the day about fifteen boxes! i left her a note letting her i would appreciate it if she could stop with the boxes and the renovations (she started painting the window frames) for my last three days as i would like to be able to pack up my things and relax a bit before moving out -- of the apartment i've had for 4-fucking-years! come the fuck on. haven't heard a word since :) it's sad that things had to deteriorate during the last week. things had gone fine with her for the past year. oh well. i was worried she took a lot of space, and coworkers shared this belief as well, when her bf moved in here a year ago. but we got a long fine. but with 2 weeks to go, i guess something broke in her brain and made her hyper about the move or something.

hey, whatdayaknow--the roommate forgot to mention a good friend of mine had left him a message to let me know he wouldn't be able to help me move saturday. yay. ain't expecting the roommate to start giving me messages now seeing as he never did all year round (oh yeah, as soon as i caught on how forgetful he could be i tastefully started forgetting he had messages also).

here i am. two days left before the big move. doing boxes.

my horoscope voodoo is still going on...:
Friendster Horoscope for June 8, 2006

Efforts you put into things now will pay off tenfold. Roll up your sleeves and go!

Follow the logical path of reasoning -- A plus B will always equal C, so stop looking around for new answers. Don't act surprised when disappointing people disappoint you -- or when wonderful people fill you with a sense of wonder! Luckily, you'll deal with a lot more of the latter. Another law you should obey is the more effort you put in, the more rewards you reap -- so you may have to trim down your lunch hour if you want to get stuff done!

oh, and sunday i'm seeing Radiohead in Montreal ;)

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