June 17, 2006

hi. been busy with work and settling in this week. taking the weekend to finish unpacking all the leftover boxes. gonna check out tonight's Game 6 for the Oilers. Go Oilers Go! cool. i hadn't realized the game was in Edmonton. the atmosphere's gonna be spectacular. force a Game 7. thank you. also -- funny stuff. who was at Radiohead's 2nd NY show? Thom found out and tells all.

11:48 PM

the Oilers win 4-0 !!!!! and they just forced the Stanley Cup Finals into a Game 7. YES. too bad i won't be able to catch monday night but this game was awesome. they were on the puck first, won their battles, and got some awesome goals (on Cam Ward, no less). and the last 4 minutes were breathtaking.

i'm unpacking my cd's now...lol. but there's good news - i have more space here so i'll finally be able to get that second Ikea bookcase :) (shit. which i now can't find online. hopefully they still got it in stock. i think i saw it earlier this year. it's just bare sides and you buy as many shelves as you like. it can be used in the garage, kitchen, or living room. i'm sure they still have it:)

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