June 11, 2006

holy damn, folks -- Mosley is BACK, folks! for the past couple of years Timmy has been playing with retirement. he was dissatisied with the music business and everytime i saw him you could see a lot of the excitement was gone. but check out the video for Promiscuous, the Nelly Furtado single heavily featuring Timbaland. not only is this another catchy Timbo single, but he looks like he's having a blast in the video! and when did he start buffing up?? fuck. lol. a new Timmy. it's awesome to see him having so much fun. here's hoping it inspires him and Missy to do an entire album together again. in the meantime, i was gonna pick up Nelly's album but now i can't wait to get it :)

and the Mosley Music Group (typo in the video)? holy shit. i guess we're are in for a few more years of Timmy after all :)

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