June 26, 2006

i'm smitten.

aside from that, it's the first day i'd be working if i wasn't on vacation :) starting to feel like one now. it's raining, and probably will for the rest of the week, but it's alright. 1. i like rainy days, 2. i ended up getting sunburned saturday so i couldn't enjoy the sun even if i wanted to. today i put up my Ikea bookcase, only to find that i got the wrong cross-brace that holds it up together. too short. ordered the right one online this evening. i got an Amazon order coming in this week :) got a shipping email today. what else?... nothing much. enjoying the time off. ate some Pizza Hut. got two pizzas this afternoon while running my errands because my mom and her boyfriend were coming back today from their camping weekend. more for me, though, as i learned tonight that her boyfriend doesn't eat pizza (probably has to do with his pepper allergies). my bookcase is all set-up now (a makeshift brace is helping it not tip over while i'm waiting for the real thing to arrive - haven't put any cd's in) so i'm getting really excited about my room's look and feel. this is gonna be good :) that's it. i'm gonna turn in now.

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