June 18, 2006

OMFG - Miss Rock Snob informs us of one amazing festival happening in Montreal (the beautiful parc Jean-Drapeau, to be exact) - the Osheaga Festival, September 2-3. first time i've heard about it. but go take a look at the lineup... please :)
how do they get these names with so little fanfare? amazing lineup!

that was my post for the day :)

i was actually quite busy putting my cd's back in my little Ikea bookcase and re-ordering them properly. ate well tonight. took a few minutes to hang out on the backporch while the sun was close to coming down. even though it was hot out today, i think the country surroundings (it's a cross between a suburb and nature) makes it cooler and a lot more relaxing. looking at the way my rooms are developing right now, i'm actually quite happy with this place :) i think i'm gonna enjoy it a lot. now, if only i had someone to share it with (especially to take advantage of the summer), it would be heaven :)

good night, everyone.

Monday, 10:39 AM

holy shit. Honey, you're gonna like this.
i just received a call from the ex-roommate. ah, the joys of living in these parts... guess who she was having coffee in front of this morning (he left as she was talking to me)?

Jack's father -- Donald /motherfucking/ Sutherland !!! :D
he was (presumably) with his wife. he's lived around here for the past 20 years or so, and another friend of mine had seen him at a McDonald's years ago, so he's obviously able to live a normal life around here. my friend was looking at him, trying to process the vision, when Donald saw him and simply smiled back :) it's fun to see him pop up from time to time. i really hope they bring him in as Jack's father sometime soon. the acting showdown would be tremendous.

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