June 21, 2006

today (tuesday) was a good day for me. i'm this close to figuring out where the noise is coming from in my car. gonna get that checked (hopefully for the final time) thursday. then it'd be clear for a sale :) i got one week off starting saturday. that's always fun. gonna swing by Ikea to see if they have another bookcase for my cd's. it would kill. those two bookcases, one on each side of the head of my bed, filled with cd's...? awesome :) i should post pictures when that happens. but yeah, back to my fun day. i hadn't bought a cd since the start of April :) and today i did. and i also received a package from the DVDPacific 'sale' at the start of the month. always fun to receive surprises like these.
so, the loot:

11:07 AM

wow. Summer jumped on us, hasn't it? first official day of the summer is here.
and what a more perfect day to have our favorite summertime activity sprung upon us? our favorite time of the year is here:

BIG BROTHER OFFICIALLY STARTS (kinda) TONIGHT(!!) at 8 with a one-hour show where viewers will be asked to choose who goes into the house for us to obsess over for the next three months. i'm so excited!!! :) 9 months is a long time to forget just how all-consuming this show can be. get your drinking hats on, it's gonna be a long (and fun) summer :)

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