June 25, 2006

uhhh....are Criterion working on bringing Kieslowski's La double vie de Véronique to DVD??? seriously developing...

sorry. back from the dead. temporarily:)
still settling in the new 'apartment'. hey, i'm officially on vacation now:) for a week. thinking of going to Ikea tomorrow or monday but i'm scared they won't have the bookcase to go with the one i already have (which looks strangely close to this one, which i would get if they don't have ones like mine, but i can't figure out if i can add shelves to it or not, and this one, but not as bulky. it's the same style, so maybe they do still have them. does anyone know if the Ikea sites lists every item they have in stores?). it'd suck to make the 80-minute drive, on my own, and not find what i went to get. i'd also obviously complement the trip with a film in Montreal (A Prairie Home Companion ... and An Inconvenient Truth if i felt really ballsy for a second film). but not finding the bookcase would really, seriously suck. it's supposed to be kinda sunny tomorrow so i could take some more sun in (supposed to be a rainy week). gawd. lol. i'm really indecisive on this one.

hopefully the night will bring some comefort and guidance :) have a good one.

12:20 PM

wow. sometimes i do love the combination of internet+Google.
Ivar is the shelving unit i've been looking for and this is the particular configuration (add a few more shelves) i have !!!! :D dunno why it wasn't appearing under bookcases (it's only in work area) as i have three of them - one for cd's and two smaller ones for my audio/video system. alright! goddamn am i happy right now :) the site's only showing the side unit (and it is available at my Ikea) but they'll have the right shelves waiting for me. goddamn. YES:P

i just perked up in a major way:)
i'm probably gonna go today, actually. i can't wait to get it all set up. i've been wishing for a 2nd bookcase like this for years now. never thought i'd actually do it, though. well, today might be my lucky. i might also simply come back right after and skip Montreal and the film. that's just how excited i am right now :) (now, where's that coffee?;) i only slept about 5-6 hours last night.)

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