June 09, 2006

well, i'm on my last day packing boxes. i'm gonna do a quick run and bring some of them to my mom's house. should do a last one later this afternoon.

i'm not all that sad to leave this place. the place and the location are nice but i'm not sad to leave the situation here. roommate was kind but a bit in his own world most of the time (he's still hasn't given me the message my friend won't come help us out tomorrow morning) and hi gf is mad at me for asking her to stop bringing boxes and doing renovations around the apartment even though she'll have next week off to do all that before she moves in. it's alright, though. i feel good about this :) the weekend is looking mighty fine :) have a great day.

9:11 PM

ha. to top things off on this crazy day (multiple runs to my mother's house to bring as many boxes as humanly possible, driving all the way to the other side of the city to get a lift for the fridge/stove/washer/dryer tomorrow, and going to the ex-roommate's to tell her her big birthday surprise that we're all going to the Radiohead show in Montreal sunday:) ...for the first time in my life: i ran out of gas. LOL. and i was going to get some. my car stopped with 30 seconds to go:) in the drizzling rain. i found it funny :) have a good night. i'm turning the computer off and unplugging it. 'night :) (see you on the other side.)

Comedy Central are bringing out Strangers with Candy - The Complete Series at the end of the month, just a day before the movie comes out. if you haven't seen this series - get cracking!

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