June 27, 2006

well. it hasn't taken long, now, has it?
the Nelly Furtado/Chris Martin duet All Good Things (Come To An End) (that EMI DIDN'T WANT YOU TO HEAR !!!) is out, folks! :) i never thought it'd see the light of day. but thankfully someone got a copy out. as with the rest of the album, it features a lot of studio talk ...and our man Timbaland! :) it boggles the mind as to why EMI didn't want this out. i was sure it was because Chris was rapping or trying something new, but it's just a cool-ass ballad. it's a great, goosebumpy version.
Rock Snob*

Sleater-Kinney split !!!!!!!!!!
feels weird since i only started getting into them last summer.

oh. i got something else to let you in on. but i'm gonna be a tease and wait until thursday so it's all official and stuff.
tata ;)

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