June 05, 2006

okay. first things first - i hope you're having a good monday morning and woke up refreshed from your weekend. i had a baby shower on saturday (are guys usually barred from these events? well, ours was a party/baby shower because they wanted everyone there), which was lots of fun - if only a bit weird thanks to an overly-aggressive/joyful coworker who thought putting all his weight on my fucking solar plexus through his fucking elbow was a playful activity as i took our friend's camera away from him (at her request) and tried to hold on to it. as i felt a searing pain on my chest, i told him to watch what he was doing. he shot back with a smile, 'i know what i'm doing.' WTF??? he's about 28 years-old and usually a cool intellectual who does jujitsu. it killed the fun for me, i'll tell you that (on top of his incessant flirting with my ride-to-work friend - who later told me she would've gladly gone home with him had he had the balls to finish what he'd started and asked her to. lol. fuck. i told the ex this yesterday and she was shock and kinda disgusted by her choice :) she was a whole lotta drunk, though:) thank god we were leaving for McDonald's ten minutes later to end the evening. but, i drank quite a few beers and more than a couple of shots and, although it had been quite a while since i'd last drank, i did not get sick :)

yesterday i filled up my car with more boxes and brought them to my mom's house. also got an ethernet cable long enough to connect my mom to our new high speed connection. but--the fucking did not work. it says a cable's disconnected, which they are not. this morning she called up a service tech. of course, over the phone like that, he simply asked her to check a few settings and finished by saying the cable must not be working. alright. she's gonna get a new one tomorrow. i doubt that's the problem (it's a brand new Belkin cable) but i'm also hoping that's it. i can't wait to have the network all set up and working for her. (i'm also moving in saturday:)

very cool use of technology, Nike-Apple.

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