June 10, 2006

wow. what a major fucking headache! lol. guess what? everything's done! i moved out of the apartment i've lived in for the past four years this morning. quite an accomplishment. and it was pouring rain most of the day :) it was fun. but the past couple of days (days i took off work to finish packing and getting stuff ready for today) have been hectic!!! wow. i didn't go to bed until 2:30 this morning and got up at 7 to pack some more. i was packing as my first helpers got to the apartment :)

but things are done. now it's the settling phase. i got tonight to do that. i'm tired. wanna watch a film later on. chill out. tomorrow: Montreal & Radiohead :P oh yeah. if i haven't mentioned it already (although i'm sure i have), i also took monday off work 'cause i knew i wouldn't be able to do anything, unpacking-wise, on sunday and i didn't feel rushed. that's the life :) kind of a new beginning.

1:04 AM, Sunday

(only twelve hours before we officially leave for Montreal to see Radiohead :) now that the move is over -i'll finish unpacking monday- i'm definitely getting excited for the show :)

come the fuck on. give Melissa her place back. it might just be tabloid fodder but i can't see them thinking of anybody else (if D'Arcy ain't coming back from the dead). end of story.

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