September 13, 2006

BB7 | atrocious chubby-chub-chub hellspawn/waste of sperm Mike Boogie won the $500,000 prize last night (no idea why they didn't give them a million - it's All-Stars, CBS!). i wanted Erika to win but i guess Master Will's powers tranfers onto you when he's not there to collect his cheque. the jury did get some good digs in (including having Alisson tell Erika Boogie didn't even fancy her - awesome. Mike got found out on live television sitting alone in the Big Brother house with the ho in question. awesome) but not as much as i wanted to. i wanted Mike to cry on live tv. that is all. now we can all go back to our normal lives :) good news is, we'll finally have a fresh batch of houseguests come next July.

here we go. the author of today's shooting spree at Montreal's Dawson College (1 dead, 19 injured, some of whom are in critial condition), Kimveer Gill, had a blog/online identity ("had", because he was gunned down by police in a shootout). the media didn't need anything more than his writings and pictures to paint another lazy portrait of a social misfit - Natural Born Killers, Ozzy Osbourne, dark clothing, and fantasies of dying in a hail of bullets like Romeo and Juliet(?). thanks for not making an effort. let the media circus (sadly) begin again.

btw, i was floored when i heard the news of gunshots being heard at the college this afternoon. sadly, it is different when it happens in your own backyard. i spent the evening in a weird daze at work. i couldn't put my finger on it. i felt sad for the students who were going through this horrific ordeal. my sympathies to everyone affected by this tragedy.

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