September 08, 2006

BB7 | blah...

track down the Housecalls with Will.
much more entertaining and fullfilling than this dreck of a Final Two.

ps. i wanna see Erika win (obviously - the other option is unthinkable; plus, she decimated Chilltown). but i also wanna see Boogie cry in shock again and be bitter on national television because 'one of these bitches' took his money away from him :) that would make this Final Two worthwhile for me. and the Jury going off on Boogie during questioning.

the NHL season is quickly coming upon us (the rookie camp started in Toronto this week). i, for one, am extremely excited for hockey to start again, but also because we, the Montreal Canadiens, have made some HUGE improvements over last year's already tasty group. they also made sure to leave one spot open for a rookie this year. we have a bunch of really talented players, but hopes are for Mikhail Grabovsky (who, from what i understand, was finally cleared to be eligible to play in the NHL this season) to make the team. just check out the penalty shot at 0:50.

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