September 03, 2006

BB7 | i'm almost over BB right now. this is just disheartening, to see Janelle get so much power and be in the highest position yet make the stupidest moves possible, thanks to Mr. Will Kirby. her mind's gone. it's been warped. she still has one great play to make this week, and has about four days left to make her decision. but she has to realize that she needs to do it on her own. letting Will chaperon her is *not* a good idea. Erika needs to move her ass and tell her Will has been playing her all along. thankfully, i do think she is the person who'll do it.
i'm praying for that to happen. (praying.)

forgot to mention, i bought my first cd's of the past two months(!) this friday:) i used to buy cd's every week. i guess i had/still have some catching up to do with my collection. having a backlog like that, especially since i'm trying to save my money this year, is a good thing. so i'm only buying the necessary stuff. onwards:

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