September 07, 2006

BB7 | okay. i just watched tuesday's show and i must say, even though i was 85% sure Janelle would make the move, Boogie's expression (and subsequent asshole fuming) after the vote was PRICELESS and worth the whole 40 minutes on its own. as was Will's apparent shock while talking to Julie. he was nervous under all that calm demeanour. moving on. i haven't caught the feeds since monday night so i might just be blindly talking against events here but - arguments against Erika making a scumbag move:

1. everyone in the Jury would instantly hate her, thus voting for Boogie on top of his/Will's amazing strategy.
2. if she is to only get 2nd place anyway, why make everyone hate you for it? why not be the hero who turned the game around?

again, she might have flat out said she'd take Boogie by now, but my instincts tell me she's smarter than that and was honest with Janelle when she made the deal with Janelle. there's no reason why she'd go back to Boogie.

ps. hilarious Georgie fan video.

pps. i hope no one runs over Erika's mother.

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