September 17, 2006

do yourself a favor and go get iTunes 7. it's just a beautiful little program now. (it makes me want to listen to music on my computer even though it's not the best app for it (WinAmp is my choice.) and there are only a couple of bugs on this release(!). that's quite an accomplishment, sir Apple.

biggest one - static on playback (iTunes, not iPod)?
find QuickTime: Preferences > Audio > Size: select 16 bit (instead of 24)

my only caveats (only two) are that the beautiful CoverFlow can't be applied to music on my iPod. see, i don't keep my music on my computer. it's a waste of space if i have it on ym iPod, isn't it? but i guess iPod Agent will be useful for this task if i wanna listen to music like this. my second caveat: you can only download album covers through the iTunes store *!for music you've encoded with iTunes!*. now, as with playback, iTunes is not the best program for encoding either (EAC+Lame), so this sucks for me. i guess it's back to searching for my album covers. no biggie. the covers thing is too cool :)



i have faith the cast and writers will start getting their bearings within a few episodes. the performers looks a bit inexperienced; but Aaron Sorkin projects take balls - i'm sure the cast of Sports Night had a rough first couple of episodes. the difference with this show, though, is that, although it's looking like an amalgam of Network, Saturday Night Live (i have no choice but to have blind faith that Sorkin and Schlamme know what they're doing with this setting. here's hoping they have a plan), and The West Wing, they already look like they're ahead, only a couple of episodes from already getting it right and running with it. that's what i'm hoping this show does. and actually, quite surprisingly, out of the whole cast, Matthew Perry looks like the veteran here, displaying a apparent ease with the material. Amanda Peet, on the other, whom i love, is strangely uninspiring as the new boss taking full charge of this show - for now. that might also be the mystery around her character. after all, this is only the first episode. there's no use judging a series right out of the gate. with that being said (there are a few surprises (a certain Nate comes to mind) and two great song choices, not a bad start), i guess this is a promising debut. let's hope that, after it's set the ground rules up, they do something creative and interesting with this show.

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