September 30, 2006

KIDNAPPED (NBC Wednesdays 10PM)

okay. i don't get the glowing reviews for this show. i mean, i'm not watching it based on word of mouth; i'm curious because it looked like it could be an interesting show with a spectacular cast. but it's quickly becoming obvious that it's just poorly-written. there's not a lot of content there, and tv show glossiness takes over way too many scenes. it's asking us to go over a lot obstacles in order to enjoy the ride. ooh, and there's the rebel cop who's teaching us all about the dark world of internet slang!! lol. come the fuck on... :) also, what kind of cell phone captures blurry movies that can be zoomed into pure clarity? and anyone catch that fucking huge Bubba Shrimp Co. storefront the crew made sure to make a pan of --for 10 fucking seconds!-- in Times Square as two characters were talking about ...something? not to mention that the white family around which the story revolves is incredibly unappealing. thank god the kids are believable. there's just a lot of nonsense thrown into it and not enough gritty, real world content. maybe i was expecting something different (a cross between Homicide and 24, maybe?). at least, there is one thing the show has going for it, something that's gonna get me to watch for a few more weeks -- outstanding casting. Jeremy Sisto (when not suddenly asked to be all thorn and lost in thought because the episode's ending) is really charming and is pulling off the 'lead' in this series. Delroy Lindo is always a lot of fun. Olivia Thirlby, who plays Aubrey Cain, just stole the second episode with her natural demeanor. damn, i can't find info on the guy who played Kenneth in the second episode. everytime he came on-screen i had a feeling i'd seen him in other stuff but i have no idea where. anyway. he did a spectacular job. (btw, boo to evil middle management guys who work their devious plans out of their sloppy unfurnished apartments. it wasn't even scary when 24 did it so what made you think we'd care to hate your guys?)

7:07 PM

THIS JUST IN!! minutes before the puck was about to drop on their last pre-season game, the Montreal Canadiens announced they'd traded centre Mike Ribeiro for D Janne Niinimaa!! Ribeiro was beyond sloppy last season. he was also centering the Kovalev line. that's not one we like to see messed with. Gainey finally did it! not only that but he got a us big D in return and created a spot up front for (hopefully) Andrei Kostitsyn. the Habs forums are on fire ! :) Bob works in mysterious ways :)

lol. i gotta say - i'm loving my man Ryan's new rap :)

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