September 10, 2006

so the new TV On The Radio, Return to Cookie Mountain, has 3 extra tracks for the north american release??? count me in. i mean, i was in already, even during this money-saving year, but that's fucking awesome news.

that is all. enjoy the rest of your day.
i shall try to watch a movie. (for the first time in a month or two;) damn you, Big Brother feeds!! told ya it would take over my summer.)

btw, since i can't post comments on every that picked this story up (on a slow news day, apparently; that interview's 2-3 years old now), will you please chill the fuck out about Ben and the 'interview girl'? Affleck wasn't molesting her. they've known each other for years and that was their thing. he came on to promote his films and they had chemistry. he flirted with her pretty overtly but it was a show. they had fun. you can't tell from the interview but her show's more about film than the glamour of its industry, but she always lost it with Ben. she got all giggly for half an hour and it was fun to watch :) end of rant. let's move on, shall we? thanks.

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