December 10, 2006

Howard Dean was at the Liberal Convention in Montreal ?????????! please check this short video out. too funny.

the Habs lost, quite honorably, in shootout, to the Buffalo Sabres tonight. 3-2. a good game, although, as expected, Sheldon Souray and Craig Rivet have been passed over by the new NHL (Souray's goal stats lie about his playing abilities. hey, if his rising status as a solid D can bring in some interested parties, let them. that'll be more for us come 2007). in related news - Kovalev can still move the puck around like nobody's business (and he almost put it in the net too;)

11:35 AM

oh my god. this is Bob Gainey's daughter, Laura Gainey. she was the woman swept away in the mid-Atlantic darkness Friday night. this is scary. please send your thoughts and prayers for this family.

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