December 17, 2006

my god, what a game it was!

Pittsburgh 3 Montreal 6

it all started quietly, both teams getting some chances (a few too many for the Pens, if you ask me) in the first. but then, by the second period on, it seemed like the Habs, after letting a goal that made it 2-1 Pens go in with a second to go in the first, just found their flow and took off and never looked back. Saku got two and Kovalev got a beauty of a goal. taking his sweet-ass fucking time on the side with the puck. if you were watching CBC, you would've heard the commentators mention he was 'controling traffic' at one point. lol. true. that should make the highlight reel. Kovalev had enough time to think through his options (five times each!) that he even brilliantly pointed to one of his teammates where to position himself in the slot. lol :P amazing. see the highlight reel.

ps. got my wish for Justin's SNL appearance, didn't i? :)
was only missing one Timbaland. but i was actually amazed when my predictions/wishes materialized before my very eyes :)

pps. i watched thursday's episode of Survivor tonight (Season Finale sunday at 8PM). thankgod they didn't vote off Ozzy. but. am i the only one pissed off about them making a big deal about Yul bringing Jonathan's hat to him at Tribal Council? the dude is a nice guy. is everyone so cynical these days that he can't just do this nice thing for a former fellow tribesmate? of course it might tide things over, but having seen Yul, he did it because he's that nice guy. leave it. i couldn't believe Parvati and Adam were so quick to jump on the guy. stunk of desperation. i hope Adam is next now. Go Ozzy! Go Yul!

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