December 02, 2006

Ivan Reitman, usa 2006

this was simply one horrible viewing experience. of course the 90 minutes passed by quickly. but it certainly wasn't painless. and the weird thing is that this came from filmmaker Ivan Reitman. if i had to boil it down, i would say the film was simply inept filmmaking. the character introductions were just too quick, lame, and humourless to get any type of sympathy going, what felt like the obvious, uninspired casting of The Office's geeky Rainn Wilson, and Luke Wilson, whom, apart from his performance in The Royal Tenenbaums, really doesn't seem to know how to act; especially not in a leading role. i have nothing against the man, i really wanted him to do well in this, but he was just too bland and couldn't pull the performance necessary to lead this film. Uma Thurman and Anna Faris are the only ones who seemed to know what to do with their limited characters. the story felt like a rushed under-developed script idea with a bunch of scenes thrown together (Wilson's character is at times a geek, a horny playboy (or was that just in his head), and gay (what was that scarf about??)). oh, and it literally takes half of the movie's running time to get to the ex-girlfriend part. way to make us wait for any type of tension or drama. it was just a sorry viewing experience.

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