December 06, 2006

one of my very best friends of the last few years, and also my ex, gave birth to a baby girl last night :D and strangely enough, i felt really elated by it.

working at a hospital does have its privileges. the ex called me up monday afternoon to catch up a bit (a few months ago she moved into her boyfriend's house, way out in the country, and since there's a childish coldness between her boyfriend and i, we caught up every 90 days or so) and told me she was having false contractions for the past day or two. she was due on the 9th. yesterday i go into work and a friend/coworker tells me the ex called her up in the afternoon and she was up in maternity and would page me in the evening if she got the time. we checked her status with the staff throughout the evening and at 9:55 a baby girl was quickly born :) she paged me at 11:30, just as i was getting ready to pack things up. she told me to come up for a minute or two (incidentally, her boyfriend was out getting shots for the baby :) he did return while i was there, and literally froze in place when he saw me. lol. but i warmly congratulated him and while he was looking for some warm clothes for the baby, the three of us chatted a bit and everything was fine and dandy.

there you go. that's my story.
i had a glow after the birth and its not even mine :D

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