January 31, 2007

11AM - 12PM

DISAPPOINTMENT: –noun; when the writers of 24 finally get down to writing Jack's father into the show, and apparently giving him the bulk of this season's plot, teasing us with his existence through an entire episode, only to reveal in the next one that he has been played by ...James Cromwell? now, James Cromwell is a fine actor, don't get me wrong. after all these years of Kiefer being asked if his father, DONALD SUTHERLAND, would ever make an appearance on the show, and the only answer was always, 'he'd have to play my father.' that, my friends, is a huge letdown. and i think i was staking my interest in this season on this fact alone. Jack's pretty much back to boring macho posturing now anyways, so i'm not following him. what else is there? the nukes have been done to death before. the Guantanamo Bay thing is done. the democrat-republican talking points are paper-thin exercises in 'content' (they have to study Aaron Sorkin if they wanna do it with any kind of drama). last season, i did notice the writing starting to awkwardly lean closer to that of a soap opera. and i'm scared the writers haven't figured it yet. hopefully they'll take a much needed break soon.

i can't see James Cromwell has Jack's dad because of this. Donald would have been too perfect. apparently, Kiefer has said that the pairing would have to be a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so hopefully this project is for the very near future.

ps. Darren McCarthy was an NHL hockey player with the Detroit Red Wings.

pps. why didn't Walid just drop the cellphone on the ground where he bumped into the fellow detainee?? showed him to try and be stupid (and not to mention a very lame bumping 'accident' to get the cellphone).

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