January 05, 2007

the Canadiens lost, BADLY, last night, 5-1 against the Washington Capitals. it's not that they didn't play well --they simply dominated the first ten minutes of the game-- but then a couple of goals went in for the Caps, a goalie interference call on Koivu while Kovalev(?) put the puck in the net and the Caps just went offense-crazy on our asses. we seemed to lose our momentum right there and then. oh well. we're bound to lose some. oh, and Huet was pulled after four goals... ouch :) to his defense, though, it was not his fault. the Caps were playing incredibly well, they were hungry, and our guys just didn't respond.

we have two afternoon games this weekend, (New York Rangers/New Jersey Devils) back in Montreal. 3PM CBC/RDS, TSN/RDS.

ps. i'll say it again -- the RDS announcers --especially Yvon Pedneault-- SUCK!!! fucking degenerate. it's always the Habs' fault. negative one-track mind. do yourselves a favour and watch the games on CBC and TSN this weekend :) i know i will.

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